Design FILS (Future Innovative Learning Spaces)

The purpose of the project is to contribute to the professional development of teachers in the fields of technology, innovative pedagogy, interdisciplinary learning scenarios in flexible learning environments at EU level, and to support studies carried out at national and international level.

The Design FILS (Future Innovative Learning Spaces) project aims to raise generations that can keep up with technological developments and contribute by foreseeing the development of innovative educational policies.  

Within the scope of the project, eight Pan-European trainers will be provided international education on technology, scenario-based learning and field design through a multi-disciplinary approach. Trained instructors will provide training for 55 trainers focusing on: learning space design, use of technology, and development of learning scenarios. Furthermore, the trainers will train 1,750 teachers across Europe.

The project's first output coordinated be European Schoolnet, "Methodological Framework for Innovative Classroom Trainings" is available.

The project is carried out by the Turkish Ministry of National Education (DG Innovation and Educational Technologies) and is implemented with the contributions of 7 European member partners.


Website: http://designfils.eba.gov.tr/

Funding: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership

Duration: 2020-2023

Social media: @futureclassroomlab

  • Status: Current