IMPACT EdTech will establish a start-up incubator-accelerator to help European digital education innovators to bring their digital learning solutions into the market, focusing on those solutions that can contribute to extend personalised and inclusive educational models that support the development of the skills that are relevant in today's world.

The project, coordinated by European Schoolnet with complementary expertise of FundingBox and ISDI, will support 42 promising EdTech prototypes from digital learning disruptors in the process of validating and testing their educational solutions in close collaboration with business and education mentorship and expertise with the aim of preparing promising solutions to reach the market.

The project will consist of three main phases, repeated twice during the project life:

   (1) Engagement of all relevant stakeholders, including key education players, experts, mentors and practitioners.
   (2) Selection of the EdTech disruptors via 2 Open Calls.
   (3) The incubation of approved disruptors during two 9-months incubation cycles.


Funding: European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Duration: 2019 - 2021

Social media:
Facebook: @IMPACTEdTech
Twitter: @IMPACTEdTechEU
LinkedIn: IMPACT EdTech

  • Status: Current