STE(A)M IT - An interdisciplinary STEM approach

STE(A)M IT - An interdisciplinary STEM approach connected to all around us, will produce the first European integrated STE(A)M framework.

In order to really get students to see the interest of STEM degrees and careers, and show the key role that STEM plays in improving our lives, the STE(A)M IT project aims to (1) create and test of a conceptual framework of reference for integrated STE(A)M education; (2) develop a capacity building programme for primary schools teachers and secondary STEM teachers, based on this framework, with a particular focus on the contextualisation of STEM teaching, especially through industry-education cooperation, and (3) further ensure the contextualisation of the integrated STEM teaching by establishing a network of guidance counsellors/career advisors in schools promoting the attractiveness of STEM jobs to their classes.

STE(A)M IT will work closely with the European Schoolnet STEM Working Group representing 23 Ministries of Education, coordinated by Scientix, the community for Science education in Europe funded under the European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme, as well as the STEM Alliance, a school – industry strategic initiative, led by 16 mayor companies including Airbus, Amgen, Cisco, Dell Technologies, EPCA, IBM, Lego education, Lenovo, Shell, Transport Malta, Dassault Systems, GSMA, Johnson-Johnson, Microsoft, SISSA Medialab and Texas Instruments.


Funding: ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union

Duration: 2019 - 2022

Social media: #STEAMIT_project

More information: Agueda Gras <agueda.gras@eun.org>

  • Status: Current