Schools Tune Into Mars (STIM)

The Schools Tune Into Mars (STIM) project aims to improve effective and quality teaching of mathematics, science, engineering and technology (STEM) disciplines at secondary level and to increase young Europeans' knowledge, skills and interest in STEM education.

In this regard, the proposed School Tune Into Mars (STIM) partnership will in particular aim at the development of transversal competencies, strengthening networks of science-connected teachers and different actors (institutions and experts) who are already engaged in science community, in order to exchange teaching practices related to the Space mission InSIGHT "Discover the inner structure of Mars to better understand the Planet Earth".

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Funding: Erasmus+, the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport

Duration: 2018 - 2021

Social media:
Twitter: @STIMerasmus

  • Status: Past