Games in Schools 2023

The Games in Schools 2023 (GIS2023) will examine the opportunities but also challenges offered by integrating games into our teaching and learning.

Following the success of the Games in Schools Handbook, published in 2009 and renewed in 2020, and the four Games in Schools Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in 2014, 2015,  2016, and 2019, the new edition of Games in Schools provides the latest insights on the topic of game-based learning.

The project results in an updated redesigned MOOC that will explore explore new elements related to social and emotional aspects of games, including how to ensure diversity inclusion and gender equality, and provide practical examples of gaming tools and activities that can be used in your daily teaching practice. This is the fully updated 5th edition of the successful Games in Schools course launched for the first time in 2014.

In parallel with the MOOC and its related activities, a new research study will be carried out. The core investigation will aim at identifying and better understanding innovative and inspiring cases and examples of game-based learning across different countries, providing a meaningful context, while also identifying enablers, obstacles, and opportunities for further implementation.

The research will consist of:

·       a survey involving 500 European teachers;

·       a series of interviews with policy makers;

·       a comparative case study analysis in 10 countries.

A further revision of the Handbook is foreseen in 2023,

The project is based on the results and findings of an earlier project on games in schools, summarised in the Games in Schools report published in 2009.

Funding: Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE)

Duration: 2022 - 2023

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