Triseum Validation Pilot

European Schoolnet in collaboration with Triseum, a Texas based company, runs the Triseum Validation Pilot. The project aims to explore whether the use of these games increases student classroom engagement and motivation to learn and how two learning games of Triseum can be implemented by teachers and used by students in secondary schools in different countries in Europe.

Triseum is using the Future Classroom Lab Validation Service to fund the pilot with schools in five countries. Selected schools develop and test pedagogical scenarios and learning activities utilising the two Triseum games, ARTé: Mecenas™ and Variant: Limits™. Triseum gains an interesting insight into whether students gain content knowledge from playing serious games that are integrated into lesson plans.

Website: https://triseum.com/

Funding: Triseum

Duration: 2017 - 2018

Social media:
Facebook: @futureclassroomlab
Twitter: @fcl_euschoolnet

  • Status: Current