The concept of Professional Development for Teachers, especially in the time of AI, has taken centre stage in the educational landscape. The recent EMINENT Conference shed light on the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating AI into education, emphasising the pivotal role of teachers in this transformative journey. With an optimistic outlook, the panel underscored the need for sustainable Continued Professional Development programmes to support educators in embracing technological revolutions.

The French Ministry of national education and youth has launched this year a series of measures to strengthen students' digital skills and accelerate the use of digital tools for student success. These measures are part of the so-called Digital Education Agenda 2023-2027.

The report "Teacher Survey: Sound in schools and its impact on learning and teachers' wellbeing" captures the results of a pan-European survey conducted by European Schoolnet under its Future Classroom Lab initiative with the financial assistance of Saint-Gobain Ecophon.

Better Internet for Kids (BIK) is looking for you! Are you a teacher of pre-school, primary, or secondary education? Do you have an awareness of – or interest in – keeping children and young people safe online? Can you contribute your views and experiences on a range of topics ranging from children's rights in the digital world, to whole-school approaches to esafety?

This autumn, European Schoolnet is involved in a series of activities to raise awareness on the importance of bringing the European Union perspective to school. Discover how we are supporting teachers in introducing the EU perspective in their classes with new learning methods and promoting competitions to encourage educators to explain on How does EU democracy relate to citizens' daily lives from an early age.

On the 5th of October, educators and school communities around the world came together to celebrate the 2023 edition of World Teachers' Day. This day carried a theme that highlights a worldwide urgency: "The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage."

European Schoolnet is optimistic about how the EdTech landscape is evolving in Europe, as suggested in our new report "Accelerating EdTech Start-ups in Europe" launched at the School Innovation Forum in Brussels in June 2023. This year, thought leaders in education from both the public and private sectors in Europe joined the 2023 School Innovation Forum (6-7 June 2023) to share their views on how to bring innovation to teaching and learning in times of transformation.

Discover how the European project "Implementing an effective induction system for novice teachers" is helping schools in Flanders to welcome, motivate and guide early-career teachers in their profession. Following the request of the Flemish Department of Education and Training, this project, funded by the European Union through the Structural Reform Support Programme and implemented by European Schoolnet in co-operation with the European Commission, was designed to encourage the implementation of teacher induction reform in the Flemish Community of Belgium.

After participating in a European Schoolnet Academy MOOC, participants experienced a significant boost in confidence in relation to implementing the course subject matter into their practice.

The PNRR is a strategic plan that aims to modernise and improve the Italian economy, making it more sustainable, innovative, and competitive.