The 8th of September marks International Literacy Day - the day declared by UNESCO to celebrate the importance of literacy. It also serves to remind everyone that access to quality education is a matter of dignity and human right. Although the right to education is recognised for all, many people of all ages and genders still find it difficult to access knowledge and improve their literacy. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, there are still over 773 million illiterate people around the world .

The European Schoolnet Academy has prepared a set of courses to start the new school year off right. They are free, available online, and open to all teachers and other education professionals. A webinar is later this month will introduce a key component of the courses' pedagogical approach.

On 26-27 July, the European Film Factory Symposium was held in Romania under the framework of the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) and thanks to their collaboration with its educational programme EducaTIFF.

Scientix, STE(A)M IT and European Schoolnet Academy are proud to announce the rerun of the ‘Integrated STEM teaching MOOCs'! With these courses, primary and secondary school teachers will have the opportunity to bring their teaching skills to the next level by mastering the contextualization of STEM knowledge through industry-education cooperation, learning about innovative pedagogies, and discovering how to develop and implement a STEM integrated lesson plan! But that's not all!

On the 9th of June, Ministries of Education in the Steering Committee of European Schoolnet elected a new Chair, Jan de Craemer, who replaces Giovanni Biondi in this position.

The education system is constantly evolving and offering new learning opportunities. Students are now encouraged to combine various academic subjects in their learning process. But are they fully prepared for the changes they will face later on? Do they have the tools and knowledge to engage in professional life? Are they also prepared for the digital and economic changes our society is facing?

On the 9th of June, the European Schoolnet Steering Committee, comprised of 33 member Ministries of Education, elected Jan De Craemer (Belgium) to become the new Chair of European Schoolnet for a 4-year mandate. At this position, he will replace Giovanni Biondi.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that crises do not impact everyone and every sector in the same way. According to the OECD : "SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] have often been more affected than large firms by the COVID-19 crisis". However, despite their losses, they have shown us once more how important their role is in strengthening the global economy and supporting other sectors.

3 June marks the go live of Digital SkillUp – an EU-funded learning tool designed to empower all European citizens and SMEs with knowledge on emerging technologies. Thanks to its custom online courses and a catalogue of additional top-quality training opportunities, Digital SkillUp makes learning about technology easy, accessible, and engaging.

To help bridge the digital skills gap in Europe, the European Commission has created the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, the new home of high-quality information, initiatives and resources on digital skills from across Europe.