School Education Gateway tools: your fast track to Erasmus+ 2017 call for applications


The call for proposals under Erasmus+ 2017 funding has been published. This means it's time to apply for funding for your teacher professional development! The School Education Gateway Erasmus+ Opportunities tools can help you find the most suitable training opportunity.

Erasmus+, the EU programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport for 2014-2020, provides funding to support professional development activities abroad for school staff, including courses, teaching assignments, or job shadowing (Key action 1), and Strategic Partnership projects between schools or other organisations (Key Action 2). Your school can apply for funding under the new call that has just been published.

The deadlines to submit applications to your National Agency are
•    for Key Action 1 (Mobility of individuals in the field of education and training) 2 February 2017.
•    for Key Action 2 (Strategic partnerships in the field of education, training and youth) 29 March 2017.

Are you wondering where to find opportunities to apply for? Try the School Education Gateway Erasmus+ Opportunities tools:

The Course Catalogue is a repository of daily updated, on-site professional development courses for school teachers and staff. In the course catalogue you can find thousands of training offers that you can browse and search according to your interests such as topic, country, duration, etc. If you are a teacher trainer, you can add your training offers on the Course Catalogue, so teachers can discover them. 

Have a look at this video, where a participant of a staff mobility in adult education through Erasmus+ programme describes his experience in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The Mobility Opportunity tool is a meeting point for schools and teachers interested in hosting mobility activities and taking part in them. Schools can post their offers to host a teacher from another country, and teachers can post their own announcement about the kind of mobility activity they would like to do abroad. 

As an example of job shadowing, find out in this video how Renata Sawa describes her experience as a Special Educational Needs teacher in Tarnobrzeg, Poland.

Finally, you can use the Strategic Partnerships tool helps you search for partner schools/organisations across Europe to carry out joint projects that aim at improving standards and the quality of teaching and learning.

Are you wondering what exactly is a Strategic Partnership? In the following video Adrian Lucas, tutor in guitar-making, describes his experience through the strategic partnership of Leonardo Guitar Research Project in Newark College, an Erasmus+ programme.

Useful links:

To prepare your funding application, please take a look at the following resources:
•    What is School Education Gateway about? School Education Gateway launch conference – Bringing stakeholders together
•    School Education Gateway Erasmus+ Opportunities tools
•    Erasmus+ Call for Proposals 2017
•    Online programme guide: details on different funding opportunities and application deadlines.
•    Mobility opportunity tool: find the job shadowing or teaching assignment that matches your interests or post your own announcement.
•    Practical Guide for school leaders: examples and step-by-step guidance for school leaders planning their Erasmus+ funding application.
•    Tutorial on how to select a teacher training course abroad
•    Database of accepted Erasmus+ projects for tips and ideas for your school’s application.


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