Education Transformation in 2022: Shaping Europe's Future

Education Transformation in 2022: Shaping Europe's Future In 2022, the education community demonstrated remarkable flexibility and innovation, navigating a fast-paced world and emphasizing the reinvention of teaching and learning environments. European Schoolnet reaffirmed its commitment to supporting European Ministries of Education, driving innovative, inclusive, and responsible education solutions.

Our Annual Report summarises the key initiatives that led the transformation of education across Europe.


  • 1. Fostering collaboration and growing our network: with 34 Ministries of education (members), 44 industry partners, more than 14,000 educators from all over Europe and other policymakers and international organisations, through 15 major conferences, 15 webinars and working groups meetings.
  • 2. Bringing new evidence to influence policy change and support innovation in education with 12 new publications on key topics and recommendations on integrated formative and alternative assessment methods to understand student progress and competencies.
  • 3. Higher-Quality and Inclusive Pedagogies: efforts focused on creating inclusive and dynamic educational experiences through innovative teaching methods and learning environments. With 11 MOOCs, European Schoolnet, hosted professional development opportunities, and shared best practices rethinking school innovation for future proof reading.
  • 4. Supporting STEM in education, Digital citizenship and school partnership in Europe through 50 European projects funded by the EU and other private partners.


We extend gratitude to our network of Ministries of Education for their invaluable support in advancing education. Together, we have made significant progress in preparing future generations. Thank you for entrusting us with leading the transformation of education.


Discover the transformative initiatives of 2022 by exploring our Annual Report and watching the video featuring Marc Durando, Executive Director of European Schoolnet.

Let's continue shaping Europe's future through education transformation.