European Schoolnet Joins the European Commission in Celebrating 2023 ALL DIGITAL Weeks

European Schoolnet is pleased to become a strategic partner of the ALL DIGITAL Weeks campaign and celebrate with the European Commission the European Year of Skills. The motto of the campaign is ‘'Enhance your digital skills'' which is a call to action for all European citizens to take an active part in a better future, to learn new skills, both basic and advanced, to face digital transformation with confidence.

The campaign main objectives are to maximise the impact and visibility of participant organisations' events on digital skills, training and education; to create dialogue among policymakers, stakeholders and experts on digital education; to foster the dissemination of EU projects and activities focused on enhancing digital skills and competences for the digital transformation.

Over the years, European Schoolnet has implemented numerous projects related to digital citizenship, promotion of digital literacy and online safety, upskilling and reskilling of teachers. In 2023, we continue to support the educational community in gaining the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in the digital society and the digital economy.

Through our on-site courses and online MOOCs, we provide teachers and teacher trainers with opportunities to improve their digital skills and implement innovative, technology-based teaching methods in the classroom.

Together with the European Commission, we also organise EU Code Week which aims to inspire students to pursue careers in coding and computer science.

Through our Digital Citizenship initiatives, we implement several projects aimed at supporting children and youths in acquiring the necessary skills to stay safe online and to distinguish accurate information from harmful disinformation.

In a world where the digital transformation impacts the way we live, work and learn, we also support those interested in the broad topic of digital skills and jobs through the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform which provides open access to a wide variety of high-quality information and resources on the topic.

And last but not least, we actively support the European Commission's Digital Education Action Plan and Digital Education Hub which seeks to improve cooperation on digital education at the European Union, national and regional levels, between the different education and training sectors and stakeholders in the private and public sectors, in research, policy and practice.

Since its first edition in 2010, the All DIGITAL Weeks campaign has helped 1.4 million people to get online for the first time or enhance their digital skills. This year, ALL DIGITAL Weeks campaign will take place between April 17 and May 7 with a variety of events and initiatives organised by the partners. Stay tuned and follow the campaign here.