International Day of Education: Prioritising School Innovation for a Better Future for All

This year, on January 24, the world celebrates the fifth International Day of Education under the theme "to invest in people, prioritize education". The initiative, undertaken by UNESCO, intends to highlight the crucial importance of education as a human right, a public good and a public responsibility.

This year's Day will call for continued strong political commitment to education and chart the way to translate these commitments and global initiatives into action. Education must be prioritised to accelerate progress towards a better shared future against the backdrop of a global recession and growing inequalities.

In the past few years education suffered large disruptions. The learning losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are without parallel. Recent assessments show that many students have missed out on much of the learning they would have acquired in school under normal circumstances. This threatens to reverse previous gains in education and to leave many, especially young learners and marginalised students, behind and unprepared for life and work in the future.

In this context, it is imperative to emphasise the key role of learning and teaching for the betterment of all humanity, and to ensure that world leaders prioritise education.

At European Schoolnet, we continue to address the priorities defined by our network of Ministries of Education by being the "ideas lab" for the school of tomorrow. We aim to achieve that in partnership with our members, the European institutions, industry representatives, school leaders, education experts and teachers across Europe.

Our strategic priorities for the year ahead focus on:

  • - Providing usable evidence and data in the area of innovation in education to inform policy recommendations (via peer exchanges, policy experimentations, surveys and reports and via its various working groups).
  • - Supporting schools and teachers in their teaching practices
  • - Developing, encouraging and sustaining innovative teaching and learning approaches (via the activities organised around the Future Classroom Lab and the European Schoolnet Academy).

In addition, we will continue to assist the European Commission's Digital Education Action Plan through our involvement with the "Digital Education Hub" which has as its goal to bring together stakeholders from all levels and sectors of digital education and training to its "community of practice" and to accelerate, test and scale up selected prototypes.

Furthermore, in 2023 the organisation will start a new line of actions, especially connected to the importance of digitally processed data. It will also monitor the development of common European data spaces, as part of the European strategy for data.

As we enter 2023, we reaffirm our commitment to being a force for improvement, development and transformation of education across Europe to ensure that next generations enter the future feeling empowered, prepared and confident to meet the challenges of the times. Read more about the specific projects we are working on in our 2023 Work Programme.