Giovanni Biondi: 24 Years of Dedication

On the 9th of June, Ministries of Education in the Steering Committee of European Schoolnet elected a new Chair, Jan de Craemer, who replaces Giovanni Biondi in this position.

Since European Schoolnet's creation in 1997, Giovanni Biondi has played a key role in the organisation's development. Under his chairmanship, European Schoolnet has developed from being an information and exchange platform for 18 Ministries of Education to become a certainly pan-European organisation that currently acts as a strategic broker between the educational policies and practices of 33 Ministries of Education.

In addition to ensuring that the original European Schoolnet "network of networks" has continued to expand over the last 24 years, Giovanni Biondi's support and educational vision has also been central in helping its participating ministries to widen the scope of their co-operation projects and evidence-based investigations into the pedagogical added value of ICT in schools. For instance, during his tenure as the Chairman, he has particularly helped widen the debate on how new technologies support teaching and learning so that there can be a more informed discussion on the broader topic of educational innovation and systemic K12 policy challenges in Europe.


Giovanni Biondi is a well-known professional who has always supported the appropriate use of new technologies in education. He held one of the first courses on the Logo programming language in Italy on behalf of the Catholic University of Milan in 1983. In 2001, he designed the largest e-learning system to train new enrolled teachers (60,000 participants to online courses) named Punto-edu.  It was the first experience of an e-learning platform used by Italian teachers. Since 2017, Giovanni Biondi has been the scientific director of DIDACTA Italia, the major Fair on Innovation in the educational sector. It allows teachers, educators, and ICT experts to meet and share ideas on the future of schools.


Besides that, Giovanni Biondi is also the author of numerous works on teaching and learning modernisation. He has taught as an associate professor in various Italian universities, including LUMSA, the University of Venice, and Italian University Line (IUL). Giovanni Biondi is also the Director of the IUL Research journal. From 2009 to 2013, he was Head of the Department for planning and management of human and financial resources of the Italian Ministry of Education. From 2013 to 2021, Giovanni Biondi was the President of the National Institute for Educational Documentation, Innovation and Research "Indire" (Italy). In 2021, he was appointed as an advisor to the Italian Minister of Education.


Giovanni Biondi had been the Chair of European Schoolnet from 2009 until June 2021.


"On behalf of European Schoolnet, I would like to express gratitude to Giovanni Biondi for his invaluable contribution to our organisation's development throughout all these years. Undoubtedly, his support helped European Schoolnet become one of the prominent organisations related to innovations in education. I am looking forward to working with Jan de Craemer as the new Chair of European Schoolnet, a true professional with significant experience in our field of work. I am sure that our work will be productive and let European Schoolnet continue transforming education in Europe successfully. "

Marc Durando, Executive Director of European Schoolnet


The new Chair of European Schoolnet is Jan de Craemer, the ICT Policy Advisor at the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training. Since 1998, he has been coordinating the ICT and digital media policies at the ministry. Besides that, Jan de Craemer has been responsible for ICT initiatives such as the ICT-infrastructure program, the Flemish regional expertise network for in-service training, and the ICT-curriculum development for primary, secondary, and adult education. Moreover, he represents Flanders to the European Commission ET2020 Working Group on Digital Education: Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DELTA). Since June 2021, Jan de Craemer is the Chair of the European Schoolnet Steering Committee.