European Schoolnet Steering Committee Has Elected New Chair and Vice-Chairs

On the 9th of June, the European Schoolnet Steering Committee, comprised of 33 member Ministries of Education, elected Jan De Craemer (Belgium) to become the new Chair of European Schoolnet for a 4-year mandate. At this position, he will replace Giovanni Biondi.

In his welcome letter to the employees of European Schoolnet, Jan De Craemer assured that he was entirely confident in the team, which will overcome any new difficulties and challenges.

I am also aware that there are some important challenges ahead of us. Just to name a few: there is the introduction of promising emerging technologies in education and the relaunch of education that has only just started now that the covid crisis finally seems to be easing. Luckily, we have a very dedicated EUN office to count on. […] I am quite convinced about your capacities and skills, which we will need to face the challenges that I mentioned.

Jan De Craemer, New Chair of European Schoolnet

On behalf of the Steering Committee, the new Chair of European Schoolnet, Jan De Craemer, and the Executive Director of European Schoolnet Marc Durando expressed their gratitude to the former Chair Giovanni Biondi for his contribution to the organisation's development since its creation in 1997. They distinguished that European Schoolnet had become a credible organisation that acts as "an effective broker between educational policies and practice" under Giovanni Biondi's chairmanship.

Besides that, the Steering Committee elected four Vice-Chairs: José Vítor Pedroso (Portugal), Elisabetta Mughini (Italy), Tomasz Kulasa (Poland), Morten Søby (Norway).


Jan De Craemer
Jan De Craemer is responsible for coordinating the ICT and digital media policies at the Flemish Ministry of Education & Training since 1998. Besides his ICT & digital media policy development role, he has been responsible for ICT initiatives such as the ICT infrastructure program, the Flemish regional expertise network for in-service training, and the development of the ICT-curriculum for primary, secondary and adult education. In addition, he represents Flanders to the European Commission ET2020 Working Group on Digital Education: Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DELTA). From 2021, he is elected to be the Chair of the European Schoolnet Steering Committee and a member of the Board of Directors of European Schoolnet.



José Vítor Pedroso
José Vítor Pedroso is the Director General of Education in the Portuguese Ministry of Education. During his professional career, he coordinated and participated in several national and European projects, namely in the area of educational use of information and communication technologies. He coordinated the Educational Resources and Technologies Team (ERTE), participated in the Technological Plan for Education, in the Computers, Networks and Internet in Schools Team (CRIE), in the Support Unit for the Educational Telematics Network (uARTE) and was Director of the Nónio 21st Century Competence Center of the Atlantic Network. Currently, he is elected to be the Vice-Chair of the European Schoolnet Steering Committee.



Elisabetta Mughini
Elisabetta Mughini is Research Director for the Innovation of the schooling model at INDIRE (the Italian National Institute of Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research). Her main research interests deal with the school's innovation process through educational technologies and digital resources. Elisabetta Mughini has started investigating the link between creativity and innovation since 2009, as the national representative at EC of the European year. She is a research unit leader in several projects related to the innovation of teaching and learning methods. Co-founder of the cultural movement "Avanguardie educative" that counts, at the current date, on 1228 schools, voluntarily experiencing innovative tools and methods, in the omonimous network which is based on a "peer-coaching training system" that allows to transfer and generate innovation from school to schools. Member of the BoD's of EUN Network since 2014. Co-author with Silvia Panzavolta of a scientific publication edited by Carocci (Rome), "Making learning and thinking visible" (2020), documenting the data emerged through the collaboration with Project Zero- Harvard Graduate School Of Education. She is a professor at the online Italian University LIne (IUL) as an expert on political science and communication research. Currently, Elisabetta Mughin is elected to be the Vice-Chair of the European Schoolnet Steering Committee.


Tomasz Kulasa
Tomasz Kulasa is the deputy director of the Department of Curricula and Manuals of the Ministry of Education and Science. In his work, he deals with issues related to the development of digital competencies of students and teachers, the implementation of new technologies in education, innovative and experimental activities, and a gifted student. Currently, Tomasz Kulasa is elected to be the Vice-Chair of the European Schoolnet Steering Committee.



Morten Søby
Morten Søby is the senior policy advisor at the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. He has previously worked as a leader of several Norwegian projects on digital competence and innovation. He was the Head of Department at The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education, Director of the Norwegian Network for IT-Research and Competence in Education, University of Oslo (1997-2010), interim CEO of The Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education (June 2011- May 2012). Executive Editor of Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy (2006-2016). Søby has been a consultant for NKS Distance Education, Research Fellow at the Institute for Educational Research (University of Oslo) and Director at 6th International Conference on Cyberspace (97). He has also been engaged in a number of international projects (UNESCO, OECD, EU, Nordic Council of Ministers). His voice can be heard in a hypertext manifesto; "Sound refreshment shower" (an art installation at Oslo Airport). Currently, Morten Søby is elected to be the Vice-Chair of the European Schoolnet Steering Committee.