A visit from the Luxembourgish education community to the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels

On 15 June, European Schoolnet was delighted to welcome the representative of our Luxembourgish Ministry of Education member, Christian Lamy, together with school inspector Marc Bodson, a group of 20 primary school teachers, and staff members of SCRIPT (Service de Coordination de la Recherche et de l'Innovation Pédagogiques et Technologiques).

It was the delegation's first time to European Schoolnet's Future Classroom Lab and it proved to be an exciting and inspiring experience, allowing teachers to explore new technologies and how they can be effectively integrated into teaching and learning in the classroom.

One teacher said ‘I am so impressed; I had no idea all this was possible! What struck me most was how easy and effective it is to use certain technologies and apps for pedagogical purposes. This workshop at European Schoolnet's Future Classroom Lab showed us exactly how to do this, in a really user-friendly and practical way'.

The workshop was given by European Schoolnet's teacher trainer, Bart Verswijvel, a Belgian educator and pedagogical adviser with 30 years teaching experience and expertise in innovative pedagogies using new technologies. During the workshop participants were introduced to scenario building and educational trends, and then had the chance to experience Future Classroom activities and create their own collaboration scenario with colleagues within the Future Classroom Lab.

Christian Lamy, deputy head of SCRIPT's department for pedagogical innovation at the Luxembourgish Ministry of Education, remarked that their visit to the Future Classroom Lab had been enlightening and insightful, and had inspired him and his colleagues to integrate more innovative learning methods based on new technologies in Luxembourgish classrooms, and to think about the potential of creating one or more Future Classroom Labs, based on European Schoolnet's model, back home in Luxembourg. As the workshop came to an end and we thanked all our participants from Luxembourg, a teacher stopped us to say, ‘I don't think this is a real goodbye; some of us are already planning our next visit!'

Any of European Schoolnet's existing members as well as others interested are warmly invited to bring a delegation of colleagues, teachers or students to come and experience the inspiring learning space that is the Future Classroom Lab! For more information, please contact com-team@eun.org.