Space Awareness opens doors to "Our Wonderful Universe"

The Space Awareness project has opened for registration to a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), titled "Our Wonderful Universe". This is the third online course produced within the Awareness project, funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 programme.

The aim of Space Awareness is at developing teaching skills to use space sciences for education. This course provides teachers at all levels of education with useful materials for teaching space and astronomy related subjects to students.

The course "Our Wonderful Universe" is built in such a way that all teachers can easily participate, focusing in particular on those who are interested in astronomy, but never had the opportunity to learn more about it or feel they have limited background information on the subject. This course helps teachers to feel more comfortable when communicating about our universe with their students.

The course starts on 29 May 2017 at the European Schoolnet Academy. Teachers can register now on the online platform of the European Schoolnet Academy.

Course structure and outline

In this course, participants will learn basic information about the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and other planets in the Solar System, as well as other celestial objects. Participants will also learn how to tackle misconceptions about space and astronomy with students, how to introduce fun activities and learn how to use them at school or at home, and raise awareness about various space missions and space careers.

Role models are essential in attracting and motivating students to pursue STEM careers and space-related careers in particular, from a very young age. This course presents useful career articles and resources about space-related jobs and role models of space professionals. Those materials can be found on a Career Hub which was developed to provide understanding of the enormous variety of opportunities and career potential in space sciences.

This Space Awareness online course is built on the use of didactic courses, which are complete space-related, inquiry-based activities designed for teachers. The activities' description, as well as supportive documents, can be found in the Develop section of the Space Awareness website.

The first two Space Awareness MOOCs – "Teaching with Space and Astronomy in your classroom" and "Navigation through the Ages" are still accessible online, but without certification upon completion. Anyone who wishes to participate in the new "Our Wonderful Universe" MOOC of Space Awareness is encouraged to briefly review the topics of Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE), ICT tools for space and astronomy, managing diversity and gender balance, presented previously at the "Teaching with Space and Astronomy in your classroom" MOOC.

To read more about the Space Awareness project and MOOCs, visit http://www.space-awareness.org/skills.

You can contact the project team at euspaceawe (at) eun.org and follow Space Awareness on social media with #spaceMOOC and @space_awe.

You can also connect with other teacher in the dedicated Facebook group for the MOOC series.



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