New Perspective issue on the integration of Computational Thinking across school curricula

Are you interested in finding out how education systems across Europe are responding to the need for young people to be skilled in Computational Thinking?

European Schoolnet's new Perspective issue "The integration of Computational Thinking (CT) across school curricula in Europe" provides insights from existing research findings to inform advisable policy actions for successful integration of CT in education.

Computational Thinking refers to the key ideas and concepts of Computer Science. During the last 5 years, Computational Thinking (CT) has become one of the new 21st century skills needed for students to succeed in our digital society. At least 20 countries in Europe have already integrated coding, programming or CT in their curricula. The latest Perspective issue provides evidence from reports on the concept of computing in education, translates this evidence into concrete ideas for policy action and concludes with the implications of using CT in teaching and learning.

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