New online courses for teachers: which one will you take?

Are you looking for new methods to fine-tune your lessons and provide your students with useful skillsets? Are you wondering how to address challenging topics such as cultural diversity and migration in your classroom?

Get informed about the new online upcoming courses on European Schoolnet Academy and on Teacher Academy and join the ones that best match your interests. Registration and participation in all courses is open and free!

Cultural Diversity in your Classroom

Duration: 3 weeks – starts on 20 February

In the Cultural Diversity in your Classroom course, we explore how to become an intercultural competent teacher and how to develop your students' intercultural competence. We look at why it is important to explore cultural diversity in schools, what different models of cultural diverse societies there are and how that plays a role in schools. We will develop methods to work with students who do not speak the language of instruction very well, identify ways on how to build a sense of belonging and identity in your class and reflect on how you develop empathy and open-mindedness.

Navigation through the ages

Duration: 4 weeks – starts on 27 February

Since early times, the observation of the sky has been a key cultural element and has played an important role in the way we live. In the Navigation through the Ages MOOC, we will explore the rich history of navigation, and journey together from ancient Greece, the fifteenth century European explorers and their missions of global discovery, to the importance of Europe's Galileo programme for the current needs of citizens (mobile devices, increased mobility, safety, security etc.).



Boosting a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in your students

Duration: 5 weeks – starts on 27 February

Reports show that young people with entrepreneurial skills are more employable, but only few young people learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set in school. Do you wish to prepare the new generation of motivated forward-looking thinkers? Then join the new EUN Academy MOOC ‘Boosting a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in your students' and learn how to prepare your students to enter the world of work, and how to provide them with the social and entrepreneurial skills needed.