Building a Future Classroom – new webinar series of the network of Future Classroom Labs

European Schoolnet's Future Classroom Lab has inspired many teachers, schools and organisations to create their own learning labs or spaces.

The network of Future Classroom Labs is growing rapidly with 29 members to this moment. All learning labs are different since they have been created to provide for local needs and adapted to the local context. However, is there a common recipe or ingredients to successfully build and run a flexible learning lab? How can you build your own future classroom?

To help you find the answer to this question, the Future Classroom Lab is organising a series of webinars where these learning labs will share their experiences. Join in to hear their stories of building their lab and get the opportunity to ask questions. The webinars aim to take participants through both the initial stages of inspiration and motivation, and the very practical steps of building the physical space. Some of the topics to be included in the webinars are:

  • Origin and vision
  • Building the lab
  • Lab structure
  • Lab activities

The webinar series demonstrates the spirit of sharing that exists in the network of Future Classroom Labs and their willingness to support other educators on their way to creating similar learning spaces.


Visit the FCL webinars page and the EUN calendar for a full list of upcoming webinars. Complete this online form to be informed of all upcoming webinars and to receive the link to participate. '