Newly updated European Toolkit for Schools to promote inclusive education

Do you work for a school or authority focusing on improving attendance or reducing drop-out rates? Are you a teacher interested in learning about new ways to support your students and to help them get more engaged with their school environment and curriculum?<

Then you may benefit from using the newly updated European Toolkit for Schools section on the School Education Gateway.

The European Toolkit for Schools, which was first launched in December 2015, is dedicated to synthesising a huge variety of examples of good practices and documents developed to help teachers, school leaders, parents and other people to provide an effective, high-quality early-childhood and school education. 

Now the toolkit has been developed further to provide you with an even richer experience! One of the new features is a self-assessment questionnaire (log in required) to get a personalised report, featuring a selection of resources relevant to your (school's) background and areas of interest. You can fill in the questionnaire as many times as you want and compare your results over time. You can also share your report with others from your school or organisation.

But this is not all. Now, you can also contribute to the development of the tool by logging in on School Education Gateway and suggesting a resource to be added to the repository. 

Finally, a new toolkit-specific menu has been added to improve navigation of more than 100 resources that come from different corners of Europe, which are organised around five interconnected thematic areas:

1.    School governance
2.    Teachers
3.    Support to learners
4.    Parental involvement
5.    Involvement of stakeholders


If you are interested in the topics of inclusive education and reducing early school leaving, we encourage you to visit the European Toolkit for Schools today!