Apply now for Scientix as a National Contact Point or Teacher Ambassador

Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, has published two new calls for organisations and teachers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education. By applying for one of these exciting calls, you can make your mark on science education in your country and Europe as a whole!

First, Scientix is looking for organisations to act as its National Contact Points (NCPs) for STEM education. Selected organisations will work with Scientix from October 2016 to March 2019, providing a link between activities at the European and national level. Those organisations are expected to engage with national communities of STEM professionals, informing their national networks about Scientix and to organise workshops dedicated to STEM education, as well as webinars and other related activities.

Those organisations that are interested in applying for this opportunity should ideally have an extensive experience in developing and running programmes for professional development in STEM teaching and learning. They must apply before the deadline of 15 September 2016, here: http://bit.ly/CallForNCPs

Second, STEM teachers can apply for becoming part of the Scientix Teachers‘ Panel. Selected candidates must first undergo a Scientix Ambassadors Training Course, which introduced them to the main goals, tools and practice of the Scientix project. The course runs from 1 September to 18 November 2016, after which the participants are invited to take part on the Scientix Teachers‘ Panel until January 2019.

STEM teachers involved in Scientix will benefit in several ways, mainly through opportunities for continous professional development. All teachers interested in this opportunity must apply before the deadline 25 August 2016, here: http://bit.ly/Training4Scientix

Are you interested, or do you know a friend or a colleague that might be? Share this call with your peers so they can join the Scientix community today!