FCL Regio – creating more opportunities for regions to cooperate in education innovation

Transform education to secure learners develop the competences they need to strive in the world of today and tomorrow – the challenge ahead for FCL Regio.

The 1st FCL Regio strategic Seminar “Beyond the text book”, which took place on 10 May, brought together teachers from across Europe, representatives of European regions and local authorities, education experts and policy makers. The seminar welcomed representatives of regions in Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden discussing the role of ICT in education as enabler of students and teachers to collaborate in ways which are meaningful and engaging.

During the 1st expert talks, representatives of European regions, policy makers and teachers shared ideas on how regions can help schools go beyond the traditional text book, supporting the access to, development and use of digital educational resources. Regional representatives showcased local projects which aim at empowering pupils and teachers by supporting them in fostering their digital skills. Among the discussed topics during the seminar were incorporating coding and computing in the classroom, co-creation of education materials as apps and digital resources, and opening up new ways of teaching and learning that improve achievement and employability.



About FCL Regio

FCL Regio aims at finding new ways to allow for a more active participation by decision makers in regions in pan-European activities. The Future Classroom Lab Regio project is providing new opportunities for regional educational authorities to explore common challenges related to the integration of ICT in schools. It includes three regions in Europe (Catalonia, Gothenburg Association of Local Authorities, Autonomous Province of Trento), that are at the forefront of making innovative use of ICT, and is looking to involve other regions in its network. You can read more about the FCL Regio project on the Future Classroom Lab website.