09 May - Celebrating Europe Day and eTwinning Day!

Today, 09 May, whole Europe is celebrating Europe Day!

The event marks the anniversary of the day in 1950 when Robert Schuman, one of the founders of the European Union, made his famous 'Schuman Declaration', outlining a vision to unite separate European states into a single community with shared values. To celebrate this remarkable date, the European institutions organize a lot of events throughout the month of May. Each year thousands of people take part in visits, debates, concerts and other events to mark the day and raise awareness about the EU.You can follow and participate in the  online discussions today by using the hashtag #EuropeDay.

What makes 09 May even more special is the fact that this year we celebrate eTwinning day. From 18 April to 9 May, eTwinning asked young people across Europe to share how they feel about diversity through the ‘Celebrate Diversity’ campaign. Teachers and students were encouraged to create a one-minute/5 pictures video that sums up their discussions on diversity, which will be shared across the eTwinning Live to mark eTwinning Day on 9 May. To learn more about eTwinning day, follow this link.