Explore the LangOER collection of Open Educational Resources for languages

The project LangOER just published a collection of open educational resources created by the teachers participating in its training sessions

As many as 90 resources are available in the project’s main languages, namely Greek, Swedish, Latvian/Latgalian, Lithuanian and Polish. They range from memes, book trailers and practices to Ted-based lessons. They have open licenses and can be freely reused.
The materials are hosted on the LRE portal, Learning Resource Exchange for schools, a service provided by European Schoolnet.
Explore the collection here:


About LangOER:

The project LangOER, supported by the LLP Action KA2, aims at enhancing teaching and learning of less used languages through OER/OEP.  This is fostered by awareness raising and capacity building activities (including exchange of good practice, training, expert consultations, discussions and dissemination activities) for the two main target groups, policy makers and educators in less used languages in Europe.