Helping mainstream collaborative teaching and learning through the new CO-LAB project

Being able to collaborate effectively is a valuable 21st century skill, yet teaching about or through collaboration remains rare in schools because of a lack of understanding of what real collaboration in an educational setting means, and because existing policy conditions do not always enable it to flourish.

CO-LAB is a new project launched in January 2016 which gives practitioners and policy makers the opportunity to experiment and better understand what Collaborative Teaching and Learning (CTL) means in policy and practice.
The project aims to train teacher trainers, student teachers and teachers across Europe in how to integrate CTL into the 21st century classroom through a MOOC which will be open to all and available online in October 2016 on the European Schoolnet Academy.
Are you interested in bringing collaborative teaching & learning into the classroom? Looking for some inspiration for collaborative teaching? Take a look at the CO-LAB website: http://colab.eun.org
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