The ENABLE anti-bullying resources are available online!

Are you looking for comprehensive resources on anti-bullying? ENABLE has recently published resources to provide school staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to establish and lead an effective student Peer Support scheme in their schools as well as to help develop their students' social-emotional skills

Peer Support schemes involve students working together to prevent bullying and to deal with its impact on the individuals involved. Research has shown that Peer Supporter schemes have a number of benefits to both the school and the Peer Supporter:

  • Students often prefer to talk to someone their own age. Peer Supporters can therefore offer invaluable support to students affected by bullying
  • Students are often more aware of what goes on amongst peer groups and so, they can detect bullying issues before a member of staff
  • Having such a responsibility often helps students gain skills including increased confidence, a sense of responsibility, active listening and empathy

The ENABLE Peer Support resources have been written and developed by a leading UK-based youth charity, The Diana Award, which has established many Peer Support schemes in schools.

ENABLE also provides lesson plans which teachers can use to help their students develop the communication skills and social strategies they would need when confronted with potential bullying situations.

The complete pack of resources is available here.