eTwinning 2015 conference: marking 10 years of active citizenship

Over 500 of the most innovative teachers and education experts from across Europe gathered in Brussels for the 2015 annual eTwinning Conference from 22 to 24 October. This year's topic was "Active Citizenship" and – building on the 10th anniversary- how eTwinning has influenced the lives of former pupils who took part in an eTwinning project.

Among the distinguished speakers of the event was Joëlle Milquet , Vice-Présidente de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Ministre de l’Education, de la Culture et de l’Enfance, who stressed the importance of the role teachers play in promoting intercultural understanding and tolerance. Martine Reicherts, director general EAC, education, culture and sport, underlined that everybody who is involved in eTwinning has to make a difference as individuals and this is what students need to be taught in the classroom.

Keynote speaker David Kerr, director of Education at the Citizenship Foundation, University of Bristol, gave a remarkably inspiring speech “Active Citizenship Harnessing the Potential – Why, what and how”, highlighting that as society is becoming quicker and quicker, it is a challenge and responsibility to re-educate oneself on numerous ongoing global issues.

Under the title of “Think globally, act locally” second keynote speaker, Raffaele Salinari, Chair of Terre des Hommes, Università di Bologna, delivered an outstanding speech on globalization and thinking about the other.Sophie Beernaerts, Head of Unit Directorate General Education and Culture, European Commission, closed the conference on a positive note and hope for the future.

Besides the plenary sessions, eTwinning participants had the opportunity to choose from more than 50 workshops to attend and to exchange ideas.

You can find the main outcomes of the event (pictures, summaries of workshops, etc.) on the eTwinning 10th anniversary blog.