Scientix conference outcomes summarised in one publication

A very successful conference, organised as part of the Scientix project, put STEM education at the top of the discussion agenda. The outcomes of this event, which six hundred people attended, are now summarised in a new sixty-page publication.

The need for such a wide-ranging forum on the future of STEM education in Europe was evident, as many more wanted to register for the event than there were spaces available. Educators and other participants in the Scientix project have done their part to advance STEM education as a priority issue, by sharing knowledge and best practices in the field. Nevertheless, Europe still has a long way to go before it can be confident it has enough scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians, and a generation of young people who value STEM and see it as a potential career choice.

Seventy talks, fourteen workshops and seven round tables were organised at the conference, with various exhibition stands also available. Among the topics covered were curriculum innovation, research and schools, coding, science education and gender in education. This Scientix publication provides you with a good overview of those discussions.

Download the full publication here (PDF)

URL: http://www.scientix.eu/web/guest/conference