Save the date: Europeana Creative Culture Jam

Europeana Creative Culture Jam is the final showcase event of Europeana Creative, a groundbreaking project that explores ways for creative industries to connect with cultural heritage. The event will take place in Vienna on 9-10 July.

Europeana Creative is a European project which enables and promotes greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by creative industries. After 30 months, Europeana Creative Culture Jam is their final event.  Culture Jam will mix inspiring keynote talks with lively discussion on topics ranging from copyright to co-creation and from living labs to business models. 

Culture Jam will be a celebration of all that Europeana Creative has achieved. And it will also look to the future of fellow creative projects Europeana Food & Drink and Europeana Space.
European Schoolnet is a is a partner in the Europeana Creative project supporting and testing the educational pilot applications that were developed.

When: 9-10 July

Price: 60 euros

Join the debate: @eCreativeEU #CultJam15