Insafe Network meets to discuss the Internet of things and online extremism/radicalisation

Press release | Prague, 27 May 2015 The Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres begins a two-day meeting in Prague, exchanging knowledge and experience about the latest online issues and trends, considering what the future of technology holds and how it may impact the work of Awareness Centres and Helplines in Europe.

Recent events across the world have shown how the internet can be used by extremist organisations to radicalise vulnerable young people. The network has therefore identified this as an area that needs to be addressed, in particular because Insafe Helplines increasingly receive calls on this matter.

Throughout the meeting, 100 participants will hear from international experts Bruno Jakic and Dr. Maura Conway, as well as key players in industry including Facebook, Twitter and Qwant, elaborating on what the Internet of Things (IoT) means for different people, discussing the best and most appropriate advice for children, teens and their families, as well as considering the role industry, NGOs, educators and individuals all have in tackling online extremism/radicalisation, for instance by providing counter narratives. In addition, there will be sessions on the European Commission’s Better Internet for Kids strategy, Safer Internet Day 2016 and recent Helpline case studies.

Insafe network coordinator, Hans Martens said: “After a period of transition, from the Safer Internet Programme to the Connecting Europe Facility, it is with great pleasure that we welcome our Insafe colleagues again for a new cycle of face-to-face network meetings. Together with key partners from government, civil society and industry, we look forward to two intensive days of discussions. It is through this open and collaborative model that Insafe will continue to foster, for many years to come, critical thinking skills, online creativity and digital wellbeing across and beyond Europe.”

Visit the Insafe website at www.saferinternet.org to discover more about the work of the network and sign up for the quarterly Better Internet for Kids Bulletin at www.saferinternet.org/newsletter for news and resources on the latest trends in online life. To learn more about Safer Internet Day 2016, or to look back at the successes of past campaigns, visit www.saferinternetday.org.

For further information, please contact:
Hans Martens (PhD), European Schoolnet, eSafety Programme Manager and Insafe Network Coordinator
Sarah Willoughby, European Schoolnet, Insafe Web Content Specialist
+32 2 790 7575

About Insafe and INHOPE
Funded within the framework of the European Commission's Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres collaborates – in partnership with INHOPE (the International Association of Internet Hotlines) – to deliver a safer and better internet, promoting safe, responsible use of the internet and mobile devices to children, young people and their families, and working to identify and remove illegal content online.
Visit the Insafe or INHOPE websites (Insafe: www.saferinternet.org and INHOPE: www.inhope.org) for further information. For further information on CEF, visit the EC’s Digital Agenda for Europe website.

About the Czech Safer Internet Centre
The purpose of the Czech Safer Internet Centre project is to raise awareness of the wider public to behave responsibly when using the internet, cell phones and new communication technologies. The Czech National Safer Internet Centre is a non-profit association, founded in 2007. Its aim is to contribute to the safer use of the internet and modern information and communication technologies for learning ethical standards in online communication and help to prevent and reduce the potential social risks associated with their use. The association is a member of the pan-European network of national awareness centres, Insafe, and collaborates with an international network of hotlines, INHOPE. To find out more about the Czech Safer Internet Centre, visit www.saferinternet.cz.

About Safer Internet Day
Safer Internet Day is part of a global drive by awareness-raising partners to promote a safer and better internet for all users, especially young people. It was initiated under the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme and now continues under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). For further information, see www.saferinternetday.org.

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