Launch of ENABLE: Be part of the anti-bullying debate

ENABLE is a two-year project co-funded by the European Commission, which has an over-riding mission to protect children's rights. The project aims to reduce bullying in schools, through in-depth investigation and implementation of impactful actions. The ENABLE public launch will take place in Athens on 11-12 March 2015.

The event will bring together 50-60 policy makers, experts, academics and health professionals from around the globe, the aim being to introduce the project, provide a forum of discussion for the Think Tank members and create solidarity as the project continues. This event also aims to create opportunities to analyse and compare major anti-bullying approaches from across the world and investigate links between bullying, new communication processes and social and emotional literacy.

ENABLE will essentially target children and teens in the final two classes of primary school and the first classes of secondary school in 5 countries: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Greece and England. It will attempt to benefit more specifically those who are defined during the initial scoping and analysis phase of the project to be at greatest risk, The secondary target group of the project comprises all central actors in the educational environment: teachers, parents, school psychologists and other support staff.

Six core partners based in five different countries across the European Union are collaborating on the ENABLE project: the Centre for Digitale Paedagogik (Denmark); the Princess Diana Awards (UK); the South West Grid for Learning (UK); Partners in Learning (Croatia); For Adolescent Health (Greece) and European Schoolnet (Belgium). The project is being implemented with associate partners: Ask.fm, Facebook, Twitter and Vodafone and it is certain that industry will play an important role in ENABLE, by providing insight, funding and resources and through improved dissemination capacity throughout all phases of the project.

The project is accompanied by 5 Associate partners who will provide another invaluable source of input and outreach since they are the social media and mobile platforms adopted by young people as their favourite communication channels: Ask.fm, Facebook, Twitter, Vodafone and Liberty Global.

And finally, a guiding force within the project is a Think Tank made up of worldwide leading researchers in the field, and who will invite less known researchers to submit papers for peer review so that the ENABLE team can benefit from sound guidance throughout the life-span of the project and beyond. Have a look at the Think Tank members.

Participate on the debate: #ENABLEeu

Download the leaflet (pdf)