School Education Gateway links teachers to EU initiatives and Erasmus+ opportunities

Looking for courses and mobility opportunities for teachers' professional development? Searching for good practices from educational projects in Europe? Discover the School Education Gateway, a single point of entry for teachers, schools, experts & policy-makers in the education field. You'll find the information you need on European education policy, news, school initiatives & actions.

European-level actions and initiatives for schools can too easily remain unknown, inaccessible or uninteresting for teachers and other professionals in the education sector. To address this, a new website, School Education Gateway,  provides clear and accessible information on education initiatives across Europe. The website is aimed primarily at teachers and school staff across Europe, as well as experts and organisations working in the education sector.

The School Education Gateway is not ‘just another website', since not only it provides information in 23 European languages, but also provides a link between the education practitioners and European policies. This includes both access to relevant information and examples, as well as practical tools for schools to support their Erasmus+ funding applications.
The main services that the School Education Gateway currently features include:
  • Information service including news, publications, expert articles, and tutorials.
  • Sharing of innovative practice through a series of articles gathering examples and inspiration from different European projects.
  • Three tools to support applications for the Erasmus+ Programme, including:
    • Course Catalogue for teachers' professional development (see Erasmus+ Key Action 1),
    • Mobility Opportunities including teaching assignment and job shadowing offers (see Erasmus+ Key Action 1), and
    • Strategic Partnership request to announce and search partners for Strategic Partnerships (see Erasmus+ Key Action 2).
Joining the School Education Gateway is easy and free of charge. Logged in users can share, comment on, and favourite content. For teachers already involved in eTwinning, joining the School Education Gateway is even easier, as their eTwinning login will access the new website.
The School Education Gateway is funded by Erasmus+, the European programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport. It is operated for the Directorate General for Education and Culture (Unit B.2 – Schools and Educators; Multilingualism) by European Schoolnet, a pan-European partnership of 31 education ministries developing learning for schools, teachers and pupils across Europe. The website will be closely linked with eTwinning, the European Commission initiative to support online school cooperation.