Open call of two pilot programmes on Augmented Reality for teachers

The ARETE project aims to implement Augmented Reality (AR) technologies in education. Over three different primary school education pilots, ARETE aims to enable disruptive innovation of AR for interactions, access, and distribution of content to enhance European innovation in the field of education.

We are now recruiting primary school teachers to be involved in the implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) in the class. 
For Pilot 1, we are looking for 38 teachers to implement AR for teaching English literacy skills whereas for Pilot 2, we are looking for up to 160 teachers who will use AR as an efficient Tool for STEM Information Retention.

Pilot 1 

Pilot 1 redevelops an existing WordsWorthLearning (WWL) digital programme into an app containing Augmented Reality (AR) - to facilitate teaching English language reading and spelling skills to struggling students. The aim is to utilise AR based teaching and learning technologies to make both teaching and learning of the English language more accessible and successful for those teachers and students engaged in the process.
Read the brieing document for information about the activities and the role of Pilot 1 teachers, the selection criteria and the aim of this pilot.

Pilot 2

Pilot 2 focuses on the innovative and exciting way of learning geometry and geography through visualisation and interaction of Augmented Reality (AR) applications. By understanding and engaging with abstract objects, pupils have the opportunity to develop both their spatial and visual cognition while learning through critical thinking. Pilot 2 is based on the CleverBooks app, which provides STEM-oriented global curriculum-based teaching and learning solutions for primary education.
Read the briefing document for information about the activities and the role of Pilot 2 teachers, the selection criteria and the aim of this pilot.