Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture

Have you ever imagined what would you do without translation, interpreting and multilingualism itself? How would people, nations and cultures communicate and understand each other?

30 September marks International Translation Day, a crucial date which commemorates the work of language professionals and recognises their contribution to preserving peace and cooperation and enhancing diversity, diplomacy and education worldwide.

The importance of languages in education: European Schoolnet's contribution

Nowadays, we are increasingly aware that languages and language professionals play a crucial role ensuring interculturality, inclusivity, cultural diversity and quality education.

In this vein, European Schoolnet is proud to be able to run projects and support activities that foster multilingual, quality education by offering online educational resources translated in a wide array of languages. The School Education Gateway an initiative run by European Schoolnet on behalf of the European Commission[1], serves as perfect example.

On one hand, the School Education Gateway is the entry point to European practice and policy for teachers, school leaders, policy makers and other professionals in the school education field. The platform offers its readers news, expert articles & interviews, teaching materials, tutorials, and much more in 23 languages. For many years now, each September the platform has dedicated its monthly focus to language learning and multilingualism – the topic for this September is Translanguaging. Through different articles, the importance of languages and plurilingual practices in the classroom is explored.

Further embracing and ensuring multilingual education through translation

Access to information and educational resources is ensured and improved by translators and other language professionals whose expertise, skills and savoir faire pave the way for a multilingual educational landscape. Other European Schoolnet's projects available in several languages include: Scientix, Teach UP or STEM School Label.

Moreover, the European Commission has recently published a brand-new report called "Education begins with language" on language teaching and learning in Europe translated in 24 languages.

By encouraging and ensuring multilingual education - by working with dedicated, skilled and hardworking language professionals - we are opening new doors to students all over the world.

[1] The School Education Gateway is an initiative of the European Union funded by the Erasmus+ programme.