Autumn course catalogue released by European Schoolnet Academy

The European Schoolnet Academy released its new course catalogue for Autumn. A new set of five courses are available for teachers and other education professionals from September 2020.

The European Schoolnet Academy courses allow you to reflect on your current practices, produce concrete outputs that you can use in your work, and engage with a large community of educators from across Europe to address the daily challenges you face, offering primarily massive open online courses (MOOCs) which are entirely free of charge and open for anyone to join, with no limit to the number of participants.

The new programme with free online courses this semester covers the areas of coding, STEM education and digital competences. The catalogue provides a short overview of each of these courses as well as the starting dates. Registrations have already opened for the courses on STEM education. The registration pages for the other courses will soon follow.

For the first time some of the courses are offered as an integrated MOOC package on STEM education. Working closely with the Scientix and STE(A)M IT projects, the MOOC package brings together the rerun of the "STEM is Everywhere!" course and the "Integrated STEM teaching" course, which has versions for primary and for secondary teachers. The courses can be used as stand-alone professional development, or followed as an integrated package, in which case a special certificate is awarded.

View or download the Autumn 2020 Course Catalogue here.