Call for Pledges: contribute to Europe digital education

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition calls for pledges to address the surging need for digital skills and solutions in these exceptional times. Across Europe, teaching and learning has moved online. While teachers in some schools and regions may be familiar with different Digital Education platforms, they are suddenly in a position where they may have to lead in producing, sourcing and manipulating digital learning content while ensuring that learner progression continues and is fairly assessed.

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is asking therefore organisations across Europe to step up and make a pledge to help teachers and parents create new digital resources and utilise digital education platforms as well as to empower the next generation of coders and makers.

More information can be found below and on the Digital Skills and Job website.

What is the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is a unique community supported by the European Commission that enables stakeholders to propose actions, programmes, initiatives to improve the digital skills situation in Europe; offers a platform of exchange to learn from peers and to showcase actions, initiatives developed and their impact; and helps to join forces to pave the way for a strong and inclusive digital Europe.

Any such organisation, be it an SME or corporate, an education provider, a social partner, or non-governmental organisation is encouraged to become a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition: join here.

What is a pledge?

Pledges are commitments made by organisations, big and small, from the private, public and third sector, to go above and beyond the normal scope of their activities and make a direct contribution to reducing the digital skills gap Europe faces today.

New pledges will join 104 other pledges consisting of over 300 initiatives ranging from organising online workshops, providing training courses or hosting awareness events and competitions. All pledges are visible in the Pledge Viewer.