Europeana Education - An initiative to integrate cultural heritage into classrooms

Published by European Schoolnet and supported by the Europeana Foundation, "Europeana Education - An initiative to integrate cultural heritage into classrooms" shares the common vision of Europeana and European Schoolnet on the role of cultural heritage in education.

‘Cultural heritage provides multiple opportunities for social and economic development. By integrating digital culture in education, we equip teachers and students, not only with the necessary digital skills for employability and citizenship but also with a resource that strengthen European common values and intercultural understanding'. Harry Verwayen, Executive Director at Europeana.

The Europeana Education initiative aims to mainstream the use of digital culture in the classrooms, across curricula and at a transnational level, and European Schoolnet has been a key partner in making that happen expanding the project through several activities.

Teachers around European have been sharing their experience of using digital cultural heritage in their classrooms!

Read the publication to find out more about the collaboration between Europeana and European Schoolnet.

Curious about the Europeana DSI-4 project? You can download the Europeana Teacher Community infographic.