Not concerned about online safety? Here's why you should be!

It's not always easy to be a teacher nowadays – increasingly complex and overloaded curricula, new subjects, ever limited time and a generational gap with students. Now factor in also the evolving technological landscape and it's easy to understand why some teachers and educational professionals feel ill-prepared to support their pupils and students when it comes to their online lives and to ensuring their eSafety.

Modern technology and online tools, and platforms, however now play an increasingly important part in the educational landscape and with them come numerous advantages and opportunities – but also risks! This is precisely the reason why it is essential that more teachers acquire the necessary confidence to address and to tackle the issue of online safety in their school.

If you're a teacher and you recognise yourself in the above description, then the "Not concerned about online safety in your school? Here's why you should be" booklet is just what you need. Developed through a co-creation process, in collaboration with a dedicated group of four European teachers and the kind support of Liberty Global, the booklet is a plea for everyone to get involved and to promote children's online safety and digital literacy from the very beginning.

The booklet appeals to teachers everywhere, but especially aims to ‘convince the unconvinced' that the internet is here to stay and it will continue to play an ever increasing role in everyone's lives.

Full of real-life testimonials and case studies from our co-creators, hands-on tips and advice on how to grab the bull by the "e-horns" the booklet also contains useful go-to materials and resources on any online safety, digital citizenship and digital literacy-related topics possible.

Are you convinced now? Download the booklet now and make online safety your priority this school year!

*The "Not concerned about online safety in school? Here's why you should be!" was developed as part of the eSafety Label initiative of European Schoolnet with the kind sponsorship of Liberty Global and the collaboration of our dedicated co-creators' team. A special thanks to everyone who made this booklet become a reality.