Develop your STEM expertise with the STEM School Label tool

Would you like to improve your STEM activities at yourschool level? With the release of the new and powerful, STEM School Label, European schools have now an advanced tool to evaluate and develop their STEM strategies!

With its unique self-assessment process, STEM School Label provides schools with area of development, based on a set of key criteria, to reach their STEM goals. Striving to offer the best guidance, STEM School Label delivers a personalised action plan according to each school's self-assessment results, case studies and practice evidences. Following a review of their scores, schools can then apply for their STEM School Label! Besides, STEM School Label is more than just a tool or a certification!

It is a collaborative environment and a meeting point for actors of STEM education in Europe. By registering to the platform, school staffs, teachers or head of schools have access to exclusive content. They can exchange about best practice, ask for advice, and share difficult cases and how they were solved.

Curious to know more? The best way to discover all the possibilities that STEM School Label can offer to your school, is yet to visit the platform! Take a tour on the public site, follow STEM School Label on Twitter and, of course, register to get your Label!