Participate with your students from 6th to 21st October and add some extra engagement and fun to your lessons

Code Week 2018 kicks off on 6 October and there are already more than 12000 activities registered on the map!

If you are wondering how to make your lessons more engaging and fun, this is your opportunity! By participating in Code Week, you will help inspire your students and enhance their creativity. They will love to be digital creators for once and have the chance to take the lead on their own learning process.

No previous experience of coding is needed to participate!

Regardless of the subject you teach, and whether you have any coding or programming knowledge or not, you can easily organise a lesson, a workshop or any activity that involves some elements of digital creativity.

If you need inspiration, make sure you check out any of the learning bits prepared for you! You will find out how to get started with Scratch or create a more advanced game; learn what computational thinking is and why it is so important for students, or find out how to build a robotic hand with your pupils or students. In addition, if you don´t have a computer or an internet connection, you can always try an unplugged activity and learn computing without any digital devices. You can download any of the lesson plans available on the website, replicate the activity with your students and register it on the map. By doing so, you will also get a certificate validated by the European Commission!

If you don´t have enough time to organize an activity yourself, why not participating in an already existing one? You can participate with your students in a Code Hunting game on 20 October or take part directly from your class in the pan-European interactive webinar for schools EU Cody Games that takes place on 10 October. Moreover, if you are an adventurous teacher and you would like to take up an extra challenge, you can participate in the CodeWeek4all challenge, and get a Certificate of Excellence as well!

You can also join the EU Code Week Facebook group for teachers, where you will have the chance to connect to thousands of teachers in Europe with whom you could exchange, share ideas of activities to do in your classroom and join forces to participate together in Code Week.

Help to bring digital transformation to all schools in Europe and participate now in Code Week.CODE WEEK 2018 IS HERE!

For more information, you can find the press release published by the European Commission here.