The Future Classroom Lab opened its doors to the Minister of Education of the German Land Sachsen – Anhalt

On Wednesday, 27 June 2018, Marco Tullner visited the premises of European Schoolnet in Brussels to learn more about our Future Classroom Lab, an inspirational learning environment challenging visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in the classroom.

Mr. Tullner and his team appreciated the unique learning space the Future Classroom Lab offers. They had the opportunity to learn more about our diverse activities to support teachers to become digitally competent and to discuss about opportunities and challenges related to digital education across Europe.

Sachsen-Anhalt is currently working on a vision for the Digital School. "The main challenge will be to make sure that all schools have the necessary technical infrastructure and to prepare a new generation of teachers entering schools now to work in digital schools", Mr. Tullner concluded.

Any of European Schoolnet's existing members as well as others interested are warmly invited to bring a delegation of colleagues, teachers or students to come and experience the inspiring learning space that is the Future Classroom Lab! For more information, please contact com-team@eun.org.