A glance at European Schoolnet's achievements and reflections in 2017

We are delighted to share with our many followers from across the education community in Europe, the results of our work together in 2017.

Our Annual Report, just published, takes you on a brief journey of our work, focused on testing, sharing evidence, and spreading innovation in the following five areas: DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP; STEM EDUCATION; EVIDENCE FOR INNOVATION; PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT; and SCHOOL NETWORKING.

Interested in finding out the highlights of our work, and how we engaged our stakeholders in meaningful dialogue to share practices and improve outcomes? Or what about the various education events and workshops we organized, and the range of publications and resources we published for the education community? Find out this and more in our Annual Report.

2017 marked a special year, as we celebrated 20 years of transforming education in Europe, together with all our members, partners and stakeholders. Read more about the special activities we engaged in to celebrate this important anniversary in our report.

All the work featured in the report has been supported by a number of public and private funded projects, as well as European Schoolnet's Policy and Innovation Committee, the Learning Resource Exchange Subcommittee, and four working groups on indicators, digital citizenship, STEM education and the interactive classroom.

These activities have been undertaken in collaboration with our Ministry of Education members, partners and stakeholders, and this report serves them, as well as the wider education community, by providing an overview of everything we have achieved together in the past year, and an opportunity to look forward to future challenges and objectives.