Empowering European Education: Discover European Schoolnet's 2024 Work Programme

A new year is unfolding, reinforcing the goals set by European Schoolnet and its stakeholders from over 30 countries. The year 2023, rich in projects and knowledge, has once again allowed us to fulfill our mission: empowering European education by providing comprehensive support and fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

A mission we have carried out since 1997 and plan to continue supporting in 2024, as outlined in our Work Programme.

Goals for 2024:

  • Supporting Ministries of Education to transform Europe's educational systems with innovative solutions that motivate, protect, and empower the next generation of students and teachers.
  • Facilitating synergies between practitioners, researchers, schools, policymakers, and the industry at European and national levels to foster:
    • Evidence for innovation
    • Inspiring practices and new teaching and learning models to support the continued professional development of teachers and school leaders
    • Facilitate schools' partnerships
    • Attract talent to STEM careers
    • Enhancing Digital citizenships in education: online safety, digital literacy and digital skills

To achieve these targets, we will leverage the opportunities provided by new community programmes – Erasmus+, Horizon Europe, and Digital Europe – to support our 2024 Work Programme.

Working closely with member Ministries, we will align our efforts with their strategic developments and national educational priorities, fostering European-level exchange and cooperation. We commit to monitoring and supporting the implementation of the Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP), advising on EC recommendations, and actively participating in the Digital Education Hub to accelerate EdTech prototypes.

Our commitment extends to promoting a better internet for kids, digital citizenship, and boosting digital skills for jobs through the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform. Our focus remains on data for learning, policy recommendations for teacher professional development, and supporting reform processes with new case studies.

To stay at the forefront of innovative models in teaching and learning, we will implement a new Future Classroom Lab strategy and renew our European Schoolnet Academy offering. Introducing the sustainability strategy of Scientix, we aim to tackle STEM challenges in education.

Join us on this transformative journey! Stay informed and engaged as we collectively shape the future of European education. Explore our initiatives, participate in our programs, and contribute to the evolution of education in Europe. Together, we make a difference.