Film education is a crucial component of media literacy: European Film Factory platform provides free educational resources

In today's rapidly evolving digital world, where visual storytelling dominates our screens, film education is becoming an important component of media literacy. As we consume an increasing amount of audiovisual content, understanding the language of film goes beyond entertainment; it becomes a key tool for critical thinking and effective communication. Hence, it is crucial to explore the significance of film education as an essential element of media literacy.

The European Film Factory (EFF) platform, funded by the Creative Europe Media program, facilitates this journey. Even though the project has come to an end, the platform will continue offering a wide range of resources and opportunities to enhance film education and media literacy across Europe and beyond.

Over the last three years, project partners, in collaboration with teachers, have been developing teaching resources adapted for non-experts. These resources are easily accessible and flexible, designed to fit the diverse educational systems in Europe where educators and cultural mediators often lack the necessary tools and materials. The last year has been quite eventful for the project. Croatian Four River Film Festival and Tallinn Black Nights Festival witnessed the valuable contribution of the European Film Factory (EFF) project to the world of film education and the cinematic landscape through the organisation of masterclasses and workshops. In addition, numerous webinars and masterclasses were organised with experts in the film industry, as well as focused teachers who actively utilise the resources and tools provided by the European Film Factory.

Watch this video to gain the insights on film education from the teachers of the EFF focus group.

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