Join European Schoolnet Academy for its thematic seminars on 'Professional Development for Teachers in the Age of AI

The concept of Professional Development for Teachers, especially in the time of AI, has taken centre stage in the educational landscape. The recent EMINENT Conference shed light on the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating AI into education, emphasising the pivotal role of teachers in this transformative journey. With an optimistic outlook, the panel underscored the need for sustainable Continued Professional Development programmes to support educators in embracing technological revolutions.

Building on these insights, the European Schoolnet Academy is organising a three-part webinar series dedicated to 'Professional Development for Teachers in the Age of AI.' This series sets the stage for a meaningful discussion on the necessary shifts in teacher professional development in the era of AI.

The first webinar, slated for 24th January 2024 delves into the essential question: What skills and knowledge should teacher training prioritise to enable educators to make effective and responsible use of AI? Led by Lidija Kralj, Senior Analyst at European Schoolnet, this session promises to provide valuable insights into focus areas for teacher training activities, aiming at equipping teachers with the competencies needed for AI-augmented classrooms.

Following closely, the second webinar on 31st January, shifts focus to how teacher trainers can leverage AI in their activities. Professor Mutlu Cukurova from University College London will share innovative strategies and practical insights, offering a glimpse into the latest tools and techniques that enhance training programmes for educators.

The series concludes in a special event on 6th February 2024, dedicated to showcasing AI-integrated teacher training activities from across Europe. Experts and practitioners, including Arjana Blazic (European Schoolnet), Jessica Niewint Gori (INDIRE), Keith Aquilina (MEYR - Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation), and Paul Van Branteghem (SPAIN AI), will share their experiences, providing diverse perspectives and contributing to the ongoing dialogue on advancing teacher training in the digital age.

As the educational landscape embraces the transformative potential of AI, these webinars serve as a platform for educators to gain valuable insights, share experiences, and collectively shape the future of teacher training. Join us in this enlightening journey, registering for the webinars to be an integral part of the conversation driving education forward in the age of AI.