Addressing the Global Teacher Shortage: Supporting Educators and Enhancing Education

On the 5th of October, educators and school communities around the world came together to celebrate the 2023 edition of World Teachers' Day. This day carried a theme that highlights a worldwide urgency: "The teachers we need for the education we want: The global imperative to reverse the teacher shortage."

This theme underscores the vital importance of addressing the teacher shortage crisis and ensuring the teaching profession remains attractive and sustainable. European Schoolnet has embraced this challenge, leading the way in several projects and initiatives that respond to this challenge in Europe. These projects not only tackle teachers' shortage but also empower educators and improve teaching practices, contributing to the creation of the education system we aspire to achieve.

The Urgency of the Global Teacher Shortage

Teaching is a noble profession with the potential to make a lasting impact on the lives of students and communities. However, the world is currently facing an unprecedented teacher shortage. According to estimates published by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 2016, the world requires nearly 69 million more teachers by 2030 to achieve universal basic education (SDG 4). Unfortunately, current trends indicate that this deficit is growing. This shortage of educators poses a significant threat to the quality of education and the sustainable development of future leaders.

UNESCO has emphasised the challenge of attracting new generations to the teaching profession, and European Schoolnet is deeply committed to addressing this issue by engaging in constructive dialogues to address the root problems across European countries. European Schoolnet actively collaborates with Ministries of Education and teachers, offering policy recommendations and training opportunities. Let's delve deeper into some of the projects that European Schoolnet and its network of Ministries is actively participating in and contributing to:

ContinueUP: Enhancing teacherslifelong learning

The teacher shortage crisis is not merely about quantity but also about the quality and readiness of educators to teach in the digital era. European Schoolnet's involvement in the EU-funded project, ContinueUP, supports the effective continued development of European teachers across their entire professional career, from initial teacher education to continuous teacher training. The project, co-funded by the EU, aims to raise awareness on how to reform national frameworks for the recognition of teacher CPD, develop student teachers' capacity for professional engagement using digital tools and facilitate continuity and clear connections between ITE and CPD provision. By doing so, it effectively breaks down barriers to accessing professional development, making it more accessible and adaptable for teachers. In this way, ContinueUP aligns with the theme by creating a more skilled and versatile teaching workforce, essential to improve the standards of education.


21st Century European Teachers: equipping educators for modern challenges

The educational landscape is evolving rapidly, demanding educators who are well-versed in emerging subject areas. The '21st Century European Teachers' project is precisely tailored to address this challenge. It offers educators competencies in areas such as technology, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and playful learning. By endowing educators with the skills needed to navigate modern challenges, this initiative is crucial for both attracting and retaining teachers capable of shaping the future of education.


SRSP Flanders: guide early-career teachers in the profession

Retaining novice teachers is a challenge faced by several European countries. In Flanders (Belgium), Last year European Schoolnet supported the government through the SRSP Flanders project, which focused on implementing an effective teacher induction system. This initiative helps schools in Flanders welcome, motivate, and guide early-career teachers in their profession. It directly addresses the theme's emphasis on the need for retaining and motivating educators. By offering support and guidance to novice teachers, the project ensures that early-career educators feel appreciated and motivated in their roles, contributing to increased teacher retention. The guidelines developed through this project are now available to inspired and support r teachers, mentors and school leaders in other parts of Europe.


European Schoolnet Academy and Future Classroom Lab: From Online Professional Development to Innovative Teaching Practices

One of the significant challenges in addressing the global teacher shortage is ensuring that educators have access to ongoing professional development. The European Schoolnet Academy is a pioneering platform that provides educators with access to high-quality online professional development courses, with over 15 000 teachers enrolled every year. Simultaneously, the Future Classroom Lab serves as a hub for exploring and testing innovative teaching practices. By inspiring teachers to embrace modern teaching methods, fostering creativity and effectiveness in the classroom, this initiative shows that teaching can indeed be a dynamic and rewarding profession. Offering accessible professional development opportunities, be it online or through engaging materials delivered face-to-face, European Schoolnet supports educators in staying professionally engaged and motivated.


As the world celebrates World Teachers' Day in 2023, it is essential to acknowledge the pressing issue of attracting and preparing the next generation of teachers. The theme for this year's celebration underscores the need for more teachers to provide the kind of education that we desire for a sustainable future. European Schoolnet, is resolutely committed to addressing the teacher shortage challenge head-on, through collaboration with policymakers, schools, Universities, teacher trainers and teachers.