The Impact of European Schoolnet Academy Courses : Empowering Educators and Fostering Professional Growth

After participating in a European Schoolnet Academy MOOC, participants experienced a significant boost in confidence in relation to implementing the course subject matter into their practice.

Survey data from MOOCs organised in 2022 revealed that participants were eager to apply the ideas and examples presented in the course to their everyday work. Pre- and post-course questionnaires consistently showed similar results to the previous year, further validating the positive impact of European Schoolnet Academy courses on participants' ability to address specific topics in their professional practice. Notably, those with student-centred beliefs were more inclined to exhibit confidence in their knowledge, find the course useful, and effectively develop learning scenarios or review peers' work.

Formal Recognition of Online MOOCs: A Key Focus

This year's surveys delved into the formal recognition of EUN Academy courses at national or regional level. While most participants found the continuous professional development (CPD) certificates useful, over half of the respondents never sought formal recognition for their course participation. Nearly half of the participants encountered additional requirements for their certificates to be formally recognised, indicating existing barriers to recognition. Surprisingly, 30% of participants were unsure about the existence of these barriers. This calls for an investigation into the barriers hindering formal recognition and how adjustments to EUN Academy course design and certificates can alleviate some of these challenges. Peer Assessment: Valued by Participants

The feedback received from participants regarding peer assessment in 2022 was overwhelmingly positive. Participants appreciated the supportive nature of their peers' feedback, which fostered a sense of community among practitioners. However, participants also expressed a desire for more constructive criticism to aid their growth.


For a comprehensive analysis of the results, please refer to the full report.