The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)

The PNRR is a strategic plan that aims to modernise and improve the Italian economy, making it more sustainable, innovative, and competitive.

The PNRR plan includes investments in various sectors, such as healthcare, education, research and innovation, digitalisation, and infrastructure.

One of the top priorities of PNRR is to improve the quality of education in Italy. This is particularly important given the disruptions caused by the pandemic, which have affected students' learning outcomes and widened existing educational disparities. The Italian government plans to allocate approximately 10% of the PNRR budget to education, with a focus on digitalization and modernization of schools, and strengthening the skills and competencies of teachers.

The funding will be used:

  • -To provide schools with access to digital learning tools, such as laptops and tablets, and
  • -To enhance infrastructure to support e-learning.
  • -To provide resources to support teacher training and professional development initiatives, such as seminars and workshops.

In summary, PNRR offers an opportunity for the Italian government to invest in the future of the country's education system. By modernising schools and empowering teachers, Italy can better prepare its students to compete in the global economy and achieve long-term economic growth.