ICT in Schools: Trends, Innovation and Issues in 2006-2007


This paper aims to provide an overview of the situation of ICT in schools in the years 2006 and 2007 for use of EUN’s Steering Committee and its main stakeholders.

Learning with eTwinning - 2007


A handbook for teachers on how to get started in collaborative project work, giving project ideas and examples, and success stories with teacher interviews.

Cultural understanding and integration & professional development


eTwinning Pedagogical Advisory Group report on intercultural understanding and cultural integration and the role of eTwinning in this process, as well as the professional development of teachers.

Pedagogical issues in eTwinning


eTwinning Pedagogical Advisory Group report on the pedagogical issues in eTwinning, how can eTwinning contribute to fun and enjoyment, developing the talents of students, and linking ICT tools to pedagogical practice.

Collaboration and eTwinning: enrichment and added value of eTwinning projects


eTwinning Pedagogical Advisory Group report on collaboration and eTwinning, the role of ICT and the added value of eTwinning projects.

Learning with eTwinning - 2006


Are you a teacher interested in working with European colleagues, trying new methods and new technologies? Are you curious about eTwinning? Then this book is for you.

First year of eTwinning in Europe


Brochure about the first year of eTwinning in Europe.

Insight Report: National policies and case studies on the use of portfolios in teacher training


This paper gives an insight into the use and implementation of portfolios, either traditional paper-based or electronic, in teacher training in Europe. It focuses on the national policies, either in place or envisaged, to foster the use of portfolios both in educational institutions and for the purpose of teacher training, and it presents a number of selected case studies on (e)-portfolio implementations.