Networking is about growing together. European Schoolnet empowers individual educators by providing opportunities to meet and collaborate so that thousands of schools can grow and change. Networking opportunities provided by different initiatives enable educators from different countries and from varied backgrounds to learn from each other, be inspired to tackle new challenges and emulate their most innovative and creative colleagues. A common feature of projects funded by the European Commission and industry that we manage is that schools and teachers from across Europe are essential nodes of the whole network who feel part of a trusted, mutually supporting community.

Networking and exchange of practice among practitioners are part of many European Schoolnet projects. The main school networking projects are:

  • eTwinning, currently available in 36 European countries, promotes school collaboration and teachers' professional development by providing support, tools and services for schools through a variety of means including a sophisticated digital platform where school staff can develop project together and participate in online learning opportunities. eTwinning Plus is an expansion of the eTwinning network to 8 other neighbouring countries.
  • The School Education Gateway offers a place for all practitioners to engage with European policy and practice in early childhood and school education including vocational education and training. The platform helps schools to plan their Erasmus+ applications and projects through a catalogue of on-site courses and a partner-finding tool. It also provides education professionals with professional development opportunities (online courses and webinars), and useful information and resources, such as teaching materials, good practices, news articles, surveys and video interviews.

eTwinning and School Education Gateway are initiatives of the European Union funded by the Erasmus+ programme.